Template:Stub The Roboticist is a fictional class for Stick Ranger. It attacks by summoning drones with a various selection of remotes. It is technically a ranged class, since it doesn't have to come directly in contact with enemies to attack. Instead of a MP bar, it has a PP (Power Points) bar. The PP bar is basically a "reload time" bar. When the PP bar manages to fill up, a drone will be spawned. Drones will keep on spawning until the summon limit is reached.


Stat effect per SP invested LP
LP no effect

+ 7

STR Drone min and max AT + 1

+ 2

DEX Drone speed + 1

+ 2


+ 1 PP gain per second

+ 2




  • KyOgre420 - Creation

Trivia Edit

  • The Roboticist was once going to be called the "Controller."


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